DLI Farm

Home of American Curly Horses, American Curly Ponies, American Miniature Horses, Ponies, and much more!


Welcome to  DLI Farm!

We are a small family farm worked by Dean and Laura, Zackary, Josalynn, and Jadie.  We enjoy all sizes of horses (from drafts to miniatures), donkeys, mules, cattle, goats, swine, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, giuneas, ducks, and geese.  We also love to go camping, trail riding, and showing off in parades.

Our farm offers riding lessons, guided trail rides, pony rides, wagon rides, and a petting farm.  We breed the hypo-allergenic North American Curly Horses, Curly Ponies, American Miniature Horses, Donkeys, and Mules.  We imprint our foals at birth and handle them daily.  Many of our youngsters get to grow up in the petting farm. Starting youngsters in long lines and under saddle is our new adventure. Harness driving is our newest love!

Our goal as a farm and family is too introduce farm animals and horses to as many people as possible.  We want people to appreciate animals as individual blessings from our God. We love watching the amazement and wonder on people's faces as they experience and learn about different animals.  Since our foals get to meet so many different people as they grow, they learn to trust and expect the unexpected.  We want to raise sane, calm, and adventurous family horses that have the conformation and movement to compete in a variety of disciplines.  With the addition of the hypo-allergenic Curly Horses, we are hoping to share our love of horses to even more people.  Someday we will be able to offer Curly horses of all sizes and hopefully some Curly mules, too!




Piketon, Ohio 45661